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Web Map Layers

Intelligent web mapping for the internet

Web Map Layers is a sophisticated off-the-shelf solution for Internet mapping. It provides advanced capabilities for presenting and interrogating spatial data, accessed through an easy to use and familiar style of interface based on the widely used OpenLayers JavaScript library.

Web Map Layers Demonstrator
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Web Map Layers has been designed specifically for organisations wishing to share map-based information with a large community of non-expert users via a browser. This information can be considered as comprising a number of map layers, each of which is presented to the browser as a Web Map Service (WMS).

Web Map Layers is much more than a web map publishing system. It supports ‘intelligent’ maps. These are maps that have attribute data associated with defined geographic features. Consequently, Web Map Layers is capable of performing sophisticated spatial queries which are beyond the scope of graphic-oriented web publishing solutions.

Web Map Layers comprises all the components required for a browser-based internet mapping solution: map controls, a geospatial web services engine, and administration in a single package.

Web Map Layers offers a combination of generic viewing and interrogation capabilities out-of-the box. These include the following:


Web Map Layers is a fully-extensible solution which is delivered with an API at no additional cost. It can support web services in a Services Oriented Architecture. Customers are free to integrate their own web services or acquire them from Cadcorp.

Cadcorp SIS web GIS and web mapping products include:



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