Global Partners

United Kingdom

3tc Software
3tc Software has over thirty years’ experience of supplying IT solutions to clients that include Fire & Rescue Services, NHS & Private Ambulance Trusts, International Ambulance Associations, NHS Hospitals and County Councils. The company develops and deploys decision making support tools and mission critical solutions systems to provincial and metropolitan Fire Brigades globally, and a has an extensive understanding of the communications and information systems required within emergency service vehicles. It currently provides software to 30 of the UK and Ireland’s Fire and Rescue Services with solutions that assist in improving public safety and boosting operational efficiency.

Experian is the leading global information services company, providing data and analytical tools to clients in more than 90 countries. The company helps businesses to manage credit risk, prevent fraud, target marketing offers and automate decision making. Experian UK is an industry leader in the provision of data products and services to the UK insurance sector. Products including geographically referenced perils risk models, geo-demographic data, lifestyle and building classifications and addressing solutions.

Gardline Infotech
Gardline Infotech is one of the UK's leading companies in the capture, use and deployment of geographical data. Its services encompass the full range of quality geo-information solutions, together with wider related services. These include: GIS data capture, scanning, georeferencing, GPS surveys, database integration, web & presentation mapping, consultancy & training, contract staff. The company also provides CAD services including draughting, space planning, training and development. A large surveying team is on hand to capture accurate information on property, site assets and building classifications.

Idox group
IDOX group is a leading developer and supplier of software solutions and information services to UK local government. IDOX uses Cadcorp SIS software to provide a mapping capability embedded within in the Acolaid suite – a corporate information system that allows a local authority to share a pool of information on streets, land, and property.

MIS Active Management Systems
MIS Active Management Systems Ltd have been providing solutions to the Social Housing market for over 20 years. They are a Microsoft Business Solutions Partner, and offer ActiveH GIS, an enterprise-wide SQL Server platform based on Cadcorp SIS.

MIS Emergency Systems
MIS Emergency Services Ltd. is the leading supplier of Ambulance Command and Control Systems in the UK and Ireland. The division is part of the MIS Group of companies formed in 1981, and is based in Cheshire, England.

Muddy Boots Software Limited
Muddy Boots is a leading international expert in the provision of traceability and quality assurance solutions for food and farming. Its expertise in grower to retailer solutions has led to the development of a portfolio of software systems that operate at every level in the food supply network. These solutions help address fundamental questions for all businesses involved in food supply. Are my suppliers safe and approved to supply? Is my product fit for purpose i.e. ‘good to go’? Are my practices sustainable?

MCPC Systems
MCPC Systems creates practical and cost effective software solutions for the managers of assets, facilities, and repetitive services. Its solutions are used to effectively manage grounds maintenance, cleansing, play areas, street/highway assets, trees, beach huts, sports facilities, allotments......and much more. MCPC Systems solutions are being constantly developed to reflect user requirements, changing legislative requirements and technological advances. Innovation and commitment has led to its software being used by more than 100 organisations throughout the UK and Ireland.

Northgate Information Solutions Ltd.
Northgate Information Solutions Limited is a market leader in providing specialist software, outsourcing and information technology (IT) services to the human resources, local government, education and public safety markets. Northgate, currently employs over 10,000 employees in 35 countries, across 5 continents.

Oceanwise Ltd
OceanWise is an independent company specialising in marine environmental data acquisition, management, publishing and GIS. It is based in Hampshire in the UK but able to operate worldwide. Through its skills, technology and networks, Oceanwise is able to provide end-to-end solutions for all marine environmental data management requirements.

Oxford Data Consultancy Ltd.
ODC is a specialist in GIS data capture for local government, housing associations and the private sector. It provides data capture and consultancy for users of Cadcorp SIS technologies.

SeaZone Solutions
SeaZone Solutions is a marine GI market leader. The company combines knowledge of marine science, data acquisition and use, with expertise in geographic information systems (GIS) and data management, to provide customers with innovative solutions that address their data access, processing and management needs. Seazone is active in the following marine markets: environmental protection, economic development, and risk management.

SSI Solutions Limited (SSI)
SSi Solutions Ltd. specialises in Emergency Service and Document Management software, particularly for fire prevention and emergency planning. The company designs and implements flexible software applications which deliver efficiencies in, and improve upon the quality of, business processes and information flows within and between organizations. It can provide turnkey packages that consist of a seamless combination of own software, third party software, third party hardware and supporting services.

Symology develops and supplies the most advanced range of integrated solutions for the management of infrastructure assets, including highways, land and property, bridges and structures, public lighting, and distribution networks. The company’s industry vision, user-focused approach and 25 year history of supplying proven solutions enables it to help clients streamline their business processes and create best value operations.

The Technology Forge
The Technology Forge is the leading software supplier specialising in the key areas of properties, assets, facilities and estates to local authorities, other public sector organisations, surveyors and private sector organisations within the UK.


IFM provides public and private sector organizations with proven innovative Spatial IT solutions for managing business processes, data and spatial information. The company uses best of breed software along with its own developed products, to offer truly interoperable spatial solutions, from Space Management, Location Based Services to Geospatial Intelligence and Enterprise GIS. IFM is the creators of the Enquiry and SISfm product range used by the Australian Government. It provides both public and private sector organisations with desktop and browser based enterprise applications for Australia:


Metrisys Ltd. offers measurement and modelling solutions for a wide range of engineering and scientific applications in the fields of infrastructure development, land surveying, geographical information systems, environmental monitoring, automated electronic testing and industrial control. It represents world leading companies in their respective industries: companies such as Leica Geosystems, Erdas, YSI, National Instruments and Cadcorp.

Czech Republic:

HRDLIČKA spol s.r.o
HRDLIČKA, a limited liability company, was incorporated as one of the first private land surveying and geodesic offices in the Czech republic in 1990. Besides geodetic and survey work we also offer the following services: customer needs definition, information acquisition, data maintenance and publishing, and systems integration. We operate from a central office in Prague, and a number of regional offices throughout the Czech Republic.


Geomod specialises in geomatic and modelling solutions. Since 1999 Geomod has been developing solutions which integrate geographic information systems technology with analytical modelling, focussing on interoperable data bases, the import of map data into analytical models, and the cartographic representation of modelling results. Geomod works closely with domain experts in universities. Its customer include local government and other public sector agencies, petroleum companies, and managers of industrial complexes.


Promegis specialises in developing applications in the fields of GIS, image analysis, and specialist solutions for security, public administration and industry. Its customers are drawn from national, regional and local government agencies as well as defence agencies and the private sector.

gisME has long-standing experience in GIS, (mobile) data capture, surveying, and database solutions. From its offices in Haltern am See they serve local, national and Austrian markets. gisME’s product portfolio supports the management of the following: tree and open space, playgrounds, cemeteries, utility networks, highways, property, fire services and ALKIS.


Marvel Geospatial Solutions Limited
Marvel Geospatial Solutions Pvt Ltd (MGS) is based in Hyderabad, India and has offices in Australia, Africa and the USA. MGS provides Geospatial Technology Solutions and Data Management, Photogrammetry, LIDAR, Surveying and Training Services. MGS is committed to maintaining a partnership with their clients and building new business development initiatives by delivering customised, high-quality solutions in an affordable and timely manner.


PT Mitratech Andal Sinergia
PT Mitratech Andal Sinergia is a leading Indonesian geomatics and IT company. Its government customers include: the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Transportation, and the National Authority for Border Management. In the private sector it numbers customers in plantation management, the utilities, mining, oil and gas. PT Mitratech Andal Sinergia is the largest provider of high resolution satellite data in Indonesia.


IDEA Sistemi
IDEA Sistemi has been active in ICT for more than 15 years, offering an array of IT solutions for automating public administration and commerce. The company supplies packaged solutions for local public administration and industry, land information systems, network and computer installation, video surveillance and data security systems.

Se.T.In.snc has been active for over 15 years in the fields of Geographical Information Systems, CAD services and GPS surveying areas. The company provides technical support to public administrations and to private professionals alike. The experience and specialization gained in these fields marks Se.T.In.snc as a leader company in Southern Italy.


Informatix Inc.
Informatix Inc. has been providing Computer Aided Design (CAD) products in the Japanese market since 1981. Informatix also supplies Geographic Information Systems (GIS), 3D paint rendering and 3D viewer systems. The IT services it provides include systems integration consulting, software R&D, systems development and integration, support and maintenance, and data preparation and management.


Mext is a visionary enterprise which provides leading IT solutions.

Argeomática, S.A de C.V
Argeomáticais a Mexican company active in photogrammetry, geomatics, and the creation of digital cartography. The company has expertise in the fields of restitution, editing, photogrammetry, and GIS. Argeomática delivers projects on behalf of federal, state, and municipal governments, emergency services, private enterprises, security companies, air and port authorities, surveying companies, petroleum companies.

Netherlands, Belgium:

Vicrea Solutions bv
Vicrea is a fast-growing IT house specialising in integrated information systems. Its customers are municipalities, provinces, ministries, managers of large-scale infrastructure and industrial companies. Each of them has important tasks and responsibilities involving spatial objects (rails, roads, runways, ports, buildings, buildings, etc., cables, etc.). Vicrea develops information systems involving the capture, management, generation and presentation of information involving such spatial objects – both as standard products and customised applications. Vicrea call this spatial IT: IT solutions that make maximum use of the power of geographic information.


MapSoft d.o.o.
MapSoft is a supplier of software and services to the GIS market in Serbia and surrounding territories. The company specialises in delivering GIS solutions customised to their clients' needs, and in in aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry, topographic and cadastral surveying and mapping.


The company Amper specialises in the development and deployment of technological solutions that help the market to change and shift towards new business models. With more than fifty years’ experience in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector Amper is able to provide its clients with cutting edge products and services that make the satisfaction of their specific needs possible. Currently, Amper is divided into two main divisions: Defence, plus Communications and Security.

RTM Recursos Technicos Madrid
Founded in 1999, RTM has experience in GIS, CAD and Environment and Land Surveying markets. RTM is owner of the development RTM-FICC able to read directly all the formats used by our Spanish Dirección General del Catastro (DGN). RTM-FICC runs on Cadcorp SIS.

Infoterra SGSA
With offices in Barcelona and Madrid, Infoterra SGSA is part of the Geoinformation Division of Astrium Services, with over 900 employees across 14 countries. The experience of its team and its work in R & D enables Infoterra SGSA to provide products, tools and geo-information services covering the whole range of its customers’ requirements.


SWECO Position AB
Sweco is an international consulting engineering company that provides qualified consulting services which have high knowledge content. The service offering covers the entire spectrum from feasibility studies, analyses and strategic planning to engineering, design and project management. Its engineers, architects and environmental experts work together to contribute to the development of a sustainable society. In Sweden, Sweco offers a wide range of services in architecture, structural engineering, building service systems, infrastructure, water & environment, project management, energy systems, geographic information systems and industrial engineering. Sweco's services are demanded by clients across numerous market segments, such as the manufacturing and process industries, environment, energy, infrastructure, construction, real estate and transport. SWECO’s public sector clients include municipal and county governments, national administrations and public agencies.


Envitec develops applications for local government and commercial markets using embedded Cadcorp SIS technology.


Sampaş, is a solution partner for software development and support services to over 600 municipalities in Turkey. It has maintained its leadership position in the sector by building on its 29 years of experience with the modern "Sampaş R&D Centre". Sampas’ 40-person team of R&D, hardware and software experts operates out of four offices in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Adana. At the centre of Sampas’ offerings is AKOS (Intelligent City Automation System).

United Arab Emirates:

GlobalScan is a leading provider of remote sensing and GIS services. The Consultancy service of GST can provide a wide range of strategic and technical consultancy services to mainly public sector clients as well as private sector in the UAE, Middle East and other parts of the world. One of the main areas of expertise of its Consultancy service is the handling of geographic information and resources extracted form remotely sensed data and other source of information within the context of GIS (Geographic Information Systems). The company is focussed on ensuring that its clients are correctly advised in terms of an appropriate geoinformation strategy, the adoption of appropriate technology, and the datasets to be acquired and maintained. GlobalScan is active in the following application areas: agriculture & soil ;environment; land use land cover mapping; utilities; coastal monitoring & management ; geological exploration ; cartography; risk management ; defence& security; structure metric technology; and geophysics.

United States:

MapShots specialises in the provision of agricultural information systems. The company supplies the agricultural industry with the EASi Suite brand of crop management software. EASi Suite Farm Edition is used across the nation by progressive growers who want to maximize their use of agronomic management information. EASi Suite Professional is used by both crop consultants and crop input retailers to provide crop planning and nutrient management planning services to their farm clients.


Progeos is a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Management Information Systems (MIS) technology company. It provides municipal governments with integrated and inexpensive methods for storing and processing critical geographic (e.g. property maps) and management information (e.g. property owner records). It also provides web-based software for land management (GIS based), property management (property look up, abutters’ lists ...), permit management (creation and tracking of permits), code management (code tracking and enforcement) and request management (processing and executing service requests). All Progeos services are fully integrated and can be accessed from any web connected computer.